Ensure that each page of your site offers value
When customers are viewing your website, they are looking for useful and/or interesting information. It’s important to captivate them with that to ensure that they don’t navigate elsewhere.

Keep content simple
By including easy to read and understand content, you’ll ensure that visitors keep on reading.
Avoid using pop ups and other flashing distractions
Although these may seem cool to add, they are often more annoying than helpful. Customers are trying to find out about your company and how you can help them, and moving animations mostly just distract them from doing that.

Don’t slow things down
If you have graphics (or sound) files, compress them to ensure that you don’t keep your customer waiting for pages to load.

Make sure your customers never get lost
Always include a link back to your home page on every link, to ensure easy navigation for your customer.

Be aware of text and background contrast
Colour combinations and use of different fonts can clarify or complicate your site – ensure you incorporate complimentary creativity with your ideas.

Consider text size
Although it may seem obvious, make sure you use a text size that is easy but unobtrusive to read.

Check, and triple check, that there’s no mistakes
Incorrect spelling, bad grammar, USE OF ALL CAPITALS, excessive exclamations (!!!) can dampen the user experience – so keep it professional.

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