About Us

10 Years, 500+ Websites, Experience You Will Benefit From

Think of Stockstreet as the ultimate web design tool that you can exploit to your business' advantage. Not only do we create what you need, but we tell you why we're doing it, justifying every part of the development process in terms you can understand

Who We Are

Stockstreet Interactive is a Melbourne-based agency offering a complete website service that encompasses design, development, SEO, strategy and beyond. After over a decade in the business, Stockstreet has delivered over 500 projects across a wide spectrum of clients and continues to expand its client base through innovative design and functional applications.

To use is necessary. And if you can't be used, then you're useless.
- Kanye West

Our Approach

We live to do battle with our competition and we are resolute in our belief of our superior, results-focussed approach to web development. We pride ourselves on our candid take on the web and are not afraid to tell our clients when we think they are making a mistake. We owe our livelihood to the web and believe that that debt should be consistently repayed by filling it with bold, professional, functional sites that deliver what both our clients and their customers demand.

So what's in it for you?

From the moment you meet us, you'll realise that we have a lot of knowledge to share in a very short time. You will spend a lot of time realising that many errors or half-truths have worked their way into your digital marketing strategy and that your business has been missing out on a lot of revenue as a result. Once we identify the problem, we use your industry knowledge and our web savvy to create a solution that is as clear as it is acheivable.

Once we have delivered that solution, don't think that that's the end of our relationship - you now have a new advisor to line up along side your accountant and solicitor. We're available when you need us, keeping you in the loop on all the latest developments in internet marketing opportunities.

After all, it's a great time to be in business. Challenging, sure, but the online opportunities are endless. So what are you waiting for - let's get started. Give us a call and we'll get the ball rolling today.

Why Stockstreet

Results focussed
While we love building sites and applications, we love witnessing the change they bring about for our customers even more. A project that revolves around the cornerstones of usability, aesthetics and SEO is the beginning - but reporting that brings measurability and proves results is the end.
Our experience extends not only into web design and development - our senior staff have years of experience in SME marketing and software training. In other words, we can honestly say that our understanding of the web is holistic both in its technical understanding and its real world application. Oh, and we've handled over 300 projects.
Whether it be a question about current web trends or a hunch you might have on the content of your site, we're always available. From our designers to management, we're only a phone call away.
Candid Opinion
We're renowned for calling the web the way we see it. We've seen plenty of ideas, some of them great, some of them not so. Either way, we always have an opinion that makes it crystal clear which side of the fence we sit on.
We speak English
While acronyms may make our world go round, we don't expect you to be up with the lingo too. We explain everything about the web and your project in easy to understand terminology so you can spread the word.
Knowledge Sharing
Our services include much more than their names suggest. Our years of experience mean we have a lot of knowledge to share on all things web. By your project's completion, so will you.
True Partnership
We consider our services to be a natural extension of your own operation, that our success is firmly embedded in that of our clients. You'll know what to expect and when to expect it in your path to online success.
Our range of clients is many and varied - from Tropical Resorts to Biological Harvesters, from Wineries to Work Wear. With that variety comes the need for flexiblity both in design and development but also the way we interact with our clients. We think you'll enjoy the experience.
Sensible Pricing
We constantly hear horror stories of clients being charged exorbitant fees for minor changes during development or after the fact. We communicate regularly with our clients during a project so that changes are kept to a minimum, but when changes are unavoidable, we quote with reason in mind.

Our Methodology

At Stockstreet Interactive, we know we are only as good as our last project - fortunately our experience in over 250 web projects has enabled us to create a process that ensures all aspects of your project are researched, developed and delivered on time and on budget:

The following is what you can expect during the development of your project:

Taking the brief
Our comprehensive Client Needs Analysis will allow us to extract exactly what your business and your project is is all about in terms of goals and expectations. If we don't ask you a particular question, it's because we don't need to know.
Proposal submission
A full 12+ page proposal that outlines exactly what you will receive, when you will receive it and for how much. Unlike our competitors, not only do we articulate what you will receive, we also clarify what you won't.
Before a canvas is created or even a doodle drawn, we commit 10% of the total project time to further research. Research on your company, its competitors, industry trends, international comparisons, industries that follow similar paths of delivery to its customers, then we commit time to research the required design elements across a range of media.
Now for the fun part (well, all parts are fun but this one is where we can really let our creativity shine). Combining orignal flair with a nod for current design trends and usability, we ensure the correct elements are receiving the required attention.
For many web agencies, the words "web standards" means "table-less design". This is really only the beginning. At Stockstreet, developing to web standards means building a site that is lean, clean, CSS-based, accessible, usable and search engine friendly. To explain this in simple terms, we build your site properly using the best technologies currently available.
Once we have incorporated all available content, we then test the usability, browser compatibility, overall user-experience and functionality of your new site.
Go live
The moment you have been waiting for! We schedule your launch date for maximum impact to new and prospective customers, typically with a co-ordinated eBlast campaign and an eye trained on your site analytics.
Submission to the appropriate directories and engines as required by your industry plus a checklist of items you can carry on with to ensure the optimal success for your site. But don't think that's the last you will see of us - this is only the beginning. We sustain ongoing relationships with all of our clients advising them of new web marketing opportunities as they become available. So welcome to the family!


    While we are sure you will have expectations of us, we also have certain expectations of you to ensure that we can deliver on time and on budget. To deliver the above process, the following timeline typically applies to more than 75% of our projects:

    • Week 1 – Initial mockup/draft submitted for review. Feedback on draft required within 48 hours at the latest. Revisions carried out. Site map finalised. Client to commence composition of web copy.
    • Week 2 – Layout complete and approved. Subsequent page layout also completed and approved. Design component of site now complete and locked down. Any subsequent request for revisions to layout will incur additional costs.
    • Week 3 – Development commences. Home page and subsequent page template sliced and coded. Content Management System (CMS) or BigCommerce integration/build commences. Web copy now due from client.
    • Week 4 – Development continues. Site framework complete and all pages connected to backend. Copy input into backend.
    • Week 5 – Layout of all copy abd imagery into website. Javascript animation developed, forms coded and form handlers designed. Meta tags, headings and content reviewed to ensure site is optimised correctly. Final review to be made by client and submitted for action. Training in use of CMS/BigCommerce proceeds and access granted for client to make content revisions/additions as specified in the proposal. Access to client’s server now required.
    • Week 6 - Complete changes as specified in final review. Install CMS on client server (if required), migrate database content and upload all files to server. Site goes live.

    Our History