Social Media Highlights 2013

Like any other year, 2013 certainly saw its share of good and bad. And we’re particularly interested in year-end recaps from the land of digital marketing, and GQ has an interesting list of the best and worst from the land of social media.

In terms of winners, Beyonce launched a new album literally out of the blue in December, with simply an Instagram post and a link to iTunes. The album sold over 800,000 copies in the first weekend and continues to top the Billboard charts.

As for those less fortunate, well, there are quite a few options to be sure. But JP Morgan’s Twitter Q & A has to take the top prize for its sheer audacity. For the company to even think this was a good idea is beyond comprehension. Good to know they realized it was a bad idea after 24,000 posts with the hashtag #AskJPM

And let’s not forget Justine Sacco. Or better yet, let’s forget her entirely.

What is the lesson in all of this? It’s pretty basic, actually. As a brand, be it a corporate or personal one, please think before you Tweet. You can be hugely successful if you do social media the right way, and essentially ruin everything if you do it the wrong way.


Google: Mobile-Only Designs Fall Short

Stockstreet Interactive does not build mobile only sites. In spite of the niche that our competitors have carved out for themselves, we have always believed that a responsive design (one that changes layout dependent on the platform it is on i.e. mobile, tablet or desktop) made both economic and aesthetic sense.

Well, now Google has made it abundantly clear in a video from Google’s Matt Cutts the benefits of choosing a Responsive Web design over a Mobile-only design. as responsive designs are not error-prone and they maintain your Google page-rank in a single location



Whispered IT Solutions Secrets

The Debate Over IT Solutions

For good implementation of an ideal customer data integration solution, the business has to have an appropriate customer data integration strategy. There are lots of ways a company might be subject to taxes in two nations. This provider is a ripoff!! There are lots of such businesses which will help others in the market to grow in addition to improve the Indian financial conditions.

The world wide web is reshaping every kind of communications medium, and faxing isn’t an exception. Nonetheless, among the consumers who’ve been utilizing inmate calling solution or who are utilizing the services, a small fraction are actually fulfilled by the results. You pay for the services that you require, when you require them. Overall IT services are supplied with an exceedingly high level of expertise. Also, customers have to research thoroughly in regards to the specific service provider inside this case as there are many inmate calling service provider out there which are just another scam.

A great deal of companies provide website design services and give you a lot of satisfaction with other complementary services. First, the companies have to keep up a minimum capital ratio. These businesses are guaranteed to provide you with the topmost priority and set a long-lasting relationship with you with the caliber of their services. From these 3 types, a private limited company is undoubtedly the most usual and preferred small business entity type.

You’re able to put money into a new business enterprise. Worldwide business most often makes video calls with assorted auxiliaries of their company that are located in a variety of corners of earth. The organization has expanded its services to fulfill the requirements of its customers. There are a number of software companies Melbourne for references within Victoria.

Many people have the view this provider is a scam. The digital space is difficult to take care of. In addition to that, it’s all the more tricky to receive your internet space make business for you.

Open source CDI solutions also permit you to remain flexible with your company strategy. You could have an approved plan for company or investment. The planning has to be done at the fundamental step.

The procedure for forming companies in Singapore is fully computerized and because of this, both the name reservation together with the true formation of the entity can be achieved in a 1-2 days normally. With one-stop, shopping you are going to have more time to concentrate on running your company, and what’s more, more time to look closely at your competition. My own experience is it isn’t possible to speak to a true person. You might have extensive expertise in running an enterprise. Video chat solutions offer a real-time opportunity for inmates to speak online. It appears to be a fantastic advantage however there’s a drawback within this. There are several more advantages based on the requirement of the company.

There are a few alternatives to the business’s services available to customers that they can even utilize it at no cost. The minimal cost and convenience given by the business overcomes its flaws. Item selling has also seen appreciable effect of mobile, 4 out 5 people utilize mobile for internet shopping. Picking a prefect vendor for your business can end up being a challenge. Maybe you are developing new merchandise or services. Quality shouldn’t be compromised and at exactly the same time getting the most out of your investment needs to be made a priority. As far the business’s reputation and the capability to satisfy their customer is concerned, a good conclusion can’t be drawn now.


Key Business Website Features

Modern Design

Stock Street Designers utilizes modern design on website templates. 3 aspects that makes a website work, functionality, impression, creativity.

High Quality

Website design and branding are all made at the highest quality guaranteed to make all those call to actions pop out, and generate more leads!

Responsive Design

Premium theme designs and done for you websites that can be viewed thru all types of screen sizes! Be it laptop, tablet, and phones!

Support Team

Stock Street offers fast support team to guide you on your website woes! Say goodbye to those sleepless nights worrying about if your website is functioning right!

Global Translation

Website templates are designed to support different languages! 100% translation support!

Intuitive Portfolio

Post your Building projects and designs seamlessly, with detailed descriptions per project, gallery type portfolios, and more. All your beautiful projects on one platform!

User Friendly

Stock Street DIY templates are easy to use, and user friendly. We have tools to make your page building a breeze!

Speedy Hosting

Already have a website and need of a fast speedy hosting service? Don’t worry we can help you with our premium hosting package and free support! Need a fast hosting service? Then look no further!

Ecommerce Friendly

In Stock Street websites all templates are eCommerce friendly. Need help with setting up your eCommerce site then we are your team!

Some tips from web design experts

Ensure that each page of your site offers value
When customers are viewing your website, they are looking for useful and/or interesting information. It’s important to captivate them with that to ensure that they don’t navigate elsewhere.

Keep content simple
By including easy to read and understand content, you’ll ensure that visitors keep on reading.
Avoid using pop ups and other flashing distractions
Although these may seem cool to add, they are often more annoying than helpful. Customers are trying to find out about your company and how you can help them, and moving animations mostly just distract them from doing that.

Don’t slow things down
If you have graphics (or sound) files, compress them to ensure that you don’t keep your customer waiting for pages to load.

Make sure your customers never get lost
Always include a link back to your home page on every link, to ensure easy navigation for your customer.

Be aware of text and background contrast
Colour combinations and use of different fonts can clarify or complicate your site – ensure you incorporate complimentary creativity with your ideas.

Consider text size
Although it may seem obvious, make sure you use a text size that is easy but unobtrusive to read.

Check, and triple check, that there’s no mistakes
Incorrect spelling, bad grammar, USE OF ALL CAPITALS, excessive exclamations (!!!) can dampen the user experience – so keep it professional.